Dallas Cowboys' 2012 Season On Line Against Washington Redskins

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Make no mistake about it, there is nowhere to hide this weekend for the Dallas Cowboys as they get set to play the Washington Redskins in a winner take all game. It doesn’t get any simpler than this, the winner takes the NFC East crown and the loser could very well go home. Actually, in the Cowboys case, they will go home, while the Redskins would need some help to get into the playoffs.

I’m not going to bore any of you with the same old analogies about the finality of this game on Sunday night but I will say this; imagine you’ve worked a project for months, let’s put it at eight. In those eight months, you have built up everything you need to make your project be the best it can be.

You’ve put in the work, tested the results, fixed any issues you’ve had and tested it some more. Now you’re at a point where you feel the project cannot be worked on any further and you’re ready to show it to the boss. Your time has come to collect your reward for a job well done, you hope.

All that preparation; the work, the testing, the late nights, your blood, sweat and tears are all riding on how this project turns out. If you’ve done everything correctly, you keep your job and maybe get a nice raise. If you fail, you could lose your job.

Now magnify this situation by 10 because the world will be watching you and failure could mean you get ridiculed for a long time, maybe even until you’re old and grey. Succeed and you could become a legend.

Imagine this scenario, let it sink in and then think about this; if you fail, your biggest rival will get all the accolades that you felt you deserved and everything that comes with being a winner. That would hurt more wouldn’t it? To know that you not only lost, but lost to the person you can’t stand the most, imagine how that would feel.

Picture all of this in your mind and then think of how the Cowboys feel. They’ve been in that position twice in the past five years and lost, twice.

Some of that can bitterness can change on Sunday night if the Cowboys beat the Redskins. The players who’ve been on those teams cannot take away the sting of the loss in 2008 to the Philadelphia Eagles, or the loss last year to the New York Giants but it can help them get over it. It can help heal some of those wounds. Win and the 2012 Dallas Cowboys will do something very few people thought they could, win the NFC East.

I don’t care what their record is because winning a division, especially the NFC East, is hard to do. These Cowboys aren’t perfect, in fact they’re far from it, but will it matter if they are wearing NFC East Championship hats at 11:45 pm eastern on Sunday night?

These 2012 Cowboys have gone through so much adversity this year that winning the division will be an equally remarkable and satisfying feat. It’s pretty amazing they even have this opportunity after all the injuries and adversity of this year but here they sit, with a division crown in their reach, all they have to do is grab it.

Of course that’s easier said than done. They are on the road, down players and few people outside of Dallas are giving them a chance to win. Perfect odds for this team, this season.

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