Jeff Fisher Restored Hope for St. Louis Rams Organization in 2012

By Anthony Blake
Jeff Fisher - St. Louis Rams
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Much like Bill Belichick with the New England Patriots, Jeff Fisher has never shied away from adding players with supreme talent due to some off-field indiscretions. For the St. Louis Rams, that attribute of Fisher’s has proven to be quite valuable already in just his first season with the franchise. There are plenty of positive adjectives that Fisher has again made applicable to the Rams this year and there is plenty of upside remaining looking to the future.

There are three Ts that can be easily seen in the overhaul that Fisher has conducted with the Rams in 2012. It’s hard to disagree with any of these as adjectives perfectly suited for the Rams new look organization.


This team finally looks like it belongs in the NFL after several seasons in a row where that was a legitimate question. The draft this past spring brought plenty of young, gifted athletes to St. Louis and the team is stockpiled with picks for the next two years as well thanks to the trade with the Washington Redskins for Robert Griffin III. Look for the wealth of skill on this Rams roster to only continue to build as we move forward into 2013.


Perhaps the number one characteristic that Fisher instilled in his team at an early date was toughness. That ‘hit you in the mouth’ mentality can be seen all over this team from every player including the quarterback, Sam Bradford. Despite being sacked repeatedly, Bradford has the guts to stand in the pocket and take a hit if it means delivering the ball on time. Of course the defense is where this club has seen its biggest improvement due to this improvement, but don’t be fooled. Every player on this Rams roster has a certain gravitas imposed upon them by their head coach.


All of this has led to the transformation that is the Rams of 2012 and beyond. For years this team has been stuck in neutral with the Scott Linehan and Steve Spagnuolo coaches of the world, but now they have found the right man for the job. The transformation hasn’t been easy, but with some guts and hard work, the Rams have become a legit contender in just one year’s time.

Expect Fisher and General Manager Les Snead to continue their Belichick-ian rebuilding of the Rams in this year’s draft selecting more players like cornerback Janoris Jenkins with a high ceiling in need of the proper guidance. You can call it a gambler’s mentality if you must, but it becomes much less risky when Fisher is calling the shots and keeping his players in line.

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