Miami Dolphins: A Late Season Divisional Win and Warm Weather Pride Bet Gone Wrong

By Scott DelleFave
Miami Dolphins
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Last Sunday in week 16 of the NFL Regular Season, I thought I could have felt more confident as the Buffalo Bills took their talents to South Beach to take on the Miami Dolphins. I mean on Thursday Night Football, five weeks prior despite the score of 19-14, The Bills just kept the Dolphins run game in check.

Not to mention the ‘fins would only have Reggie Bush as their feature back, while Daniel Thomas was on the mend, so I also figured the Bills could focus on him and have a fairly successful afternoon in Miami and come out with a second division win and actually sweep the Dolphins for the 2012 season.

Bush, Reggie 1
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You see, the fellow colleague who had challenged me this season after debating it long and hard was none other than Jeff Everette the featured columnist for the Miami Dolphins, whom wrote an excellent article from the first game, and the second installment of our pride bet was on.

The Dolphins, if they can re-sign Bush in the off-season and maybe make a play to get a big name number one wide receiver either via free agency or the NFL Draft could be come a scary and balanced team quickly. They have the franchise quarterback in place with Ryan Tannehill, a young budding offensive line who could get even better if Jake Long decides on staying in South Beach. The best player on their team without question is Cameron Wake, he is like his last name says he can turn opposing team’s offenses into a disaster zone and what’s left is the wake. Also if the Dolphins are smart and bring back Sean Smith and get a complimentary cornerback such as soon to be rookie Dee Millner, this team could begin to scare teams in the AFC East.
And as a true Bills fan I will leave you with, “There’s always next year!” for this rivalry to regain it’s glory, not to mention this pride bet.

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