New Orleans Saints Smart To Retain Sean Payton

By Andy Schmidt
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

There was speculation throughout this National Football League season wondering if Sean Payton would ultimately end up going back to the New Orleans Saints after his year-long suspension. In the end, Payton decided to stay after signing a new five-year contract. It is a real shame Payton couldn’t have coached this year when the Saints could have had a chance to becoming the first team to play at home for the Super Bowl.

Payton is an offensive genius and the Saints struggled all season long without him on the sidelines to work his magic. I honestly believe that the Saints would be in the playoffs if Payton was coaching this season and with the players’ suspensions all dismissed from the bounty scandal, the Saints were a 10-12 win team. Payton does have a lot of negative press to come back from and whatever involvement that he did have with the bounties. I don’t see that stopping Payton though in getting New Orleans back to the team it was just a season ago.

There are teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears that can’t be too pleased that Payton has went back to New Orleans as those teams may be looking for new coaches after this weekend. Payton would have been the perfect fit in Dallas with Tony Romo but Drew Brees now gets his head coach back. I do think Payton made the right decision though in going back to New Orleans. It is where he belongs and where he could take New Orleans back to a Super Bowl in the next year or two.

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