NFL Rumors: Would the Minnesota Vikings Really Trade Percy Harvin?

By Andrew Fisher
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the recent reports of Percy Harvin and Leslie Frazier having a heated argument, rumors have sprung up as to whether the Minnesota Vikings would trade the wide receiver. It’s been suggested that the team would trade Harvin to avoid extending his contract, and to eliminate any friction there may be with the head coach.

You can read into the heated argument all you want, but I just don’t see the Vikings trading their second best offensive player. Especially when the best thing in return would be a second round draft pick. Sure, I understand the financial aspect and that the team doesn’t want a “trouble-maker,” but Harvin is just too good to let go.

He’s arguably the best at what he does in all of football. There aren’t many players even like Harvin, and no one can make an impact on the game in so many ways like No. 12 can.

Kickoff returns, receptions, rushing attempts, direct snaps, there are so many ways Percy Harvin can change a game. He’s in fact the epitome of game-changer. Anytime he gets the ball, he can take it to the house. Players like that don’t come around too often, and letting Harvin go would prove to big a huge mistake in my opinion.

So what should the Vikings do?

It’s easy, pay the man and do whatever he wants. Make him happy.

Harvin is a player deserving of special treatment, and the quicker the Vikings give him the money that he wants, the better off the franchise will be.

I just don’t think Rick Spielman wants, or intends to trade Harvin. Unless the team has no other option, and Harvin makes it clear he doesn’t want to be in Minnesota, I don’t expect a trade to happen anytime soon.

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