Trading Philip Rivers for Matt Ryan would not benefit the San Diego Chargers

By Kenny Gardner
Philip Rivers and Matt Ryan
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA Today Sports

There will be teams interested in San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers during the off-season.  Rivers is signed through the 2015 NFL season, so acquiring him would have to happen through a trade.

The Atlanta Falcons could be interested in Rivers.  While Atlanta QB Matt Ryan has a 56-21 record for his career in the regular season, he is 0-3 in the playoffs with three touchdowns and four interceptions.

Atlanta has clinched home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, but they were the number one seed when they lost 48-21 to the Green Bay Packers in 2010 when Ryan had one TD and two INTs.

It is difficult to solely point the finger at Ryan because every team Atlanta lost to in the playoffs with him as their starter went to the Super Bowl and two won it as Green Bay did in 2010 and the New York Giants did last year.

Rivers has a 69-42 record in the regular season and is 3-4 in the playoffs, so if Atlanta loses another playoff game without winning at least one this season, the Falcons could try to trade Ryan for Rivers.

Rivers has a better touchdown to interception ratio for his career while Ryan has a better touchdown to interception ratio over the last two seasons.  However, Atlanta’s offensive line ranks fifth in fewest sacks allowed this season while San Diego’s line ranks 31st in this category.

San Diego’s worst playoff loss with Rivers as their starting QB was an 11 point defeat while Atlanta lost by 22 to New York last season and lost by 27 to Green Bay.

This trade could benefit San Diego during the regular season, but the ultimate goal is to make it to the Super Bowl and Ryan has failed to win a playoff game so far in his career.

This could be the move to put Atlanta over the top should they not succeed in the postseason this year.  If Atlanta fails again, their front office should contact San Diego, but San Diego should not trade Rivers for Ryan.






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