Week 17: Tennessee Titans Injury Report

By Stephanie Umek
Jaguars vs Titans
Fernando Medina-USA TODAY Sports

All good, and bad, things must come to an end and for this Tennessee Titans team the end is near for their 2012 season. Many players worked hard all season but it just wasn’t enough this year. Many players will also be listed on the team’s injury report for week 17.

I have done an injury report every week for the last 16 weeks. And I have come to the very conclusion that if the team could just stay healthy they wouldn’t have half of the problems that they do. The fact that Jake Locker has to pick different people every week to throw to cannot be an easy task. That would be a main reason why the Titans are not having the season they want to.

Nate Washington, Chris Johnson, Kendall Wright and Kenny Britt are all the guys that Locker should be able to go to at any given point but at the beginning of the season it was Washington and these last couple of weeks it has been Johnson. Wright and Britt have both been consistently average but they haven’t really blown anything out of the water yet.

Players that are listed on the injury report for the final week of the season include the following; safeties Jordan Babineaux (thigh) and Michael Griffin (illness). Wide receivers Kenny Britt (knee), Damian Williams (foot) and Kendall Wright (rib). Running backs Jamie Harper and Chris Johnson both with ankle issues. Quarterback Jake Locker (shoulder) and center Kevin Matthews (ankle). Linebackers Colin McCarthy (concussion) and Will Witherspoon (rib) as well as cornerback Ryan Mouton (hamstring).

Bringing up the last of the injured Titans are defensive end Scott Solomon (knee) and tight end Craig Stevens (concussion).

The Titans 2012 season will conclude on Sunday after their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at 1 PM ET, at least they get to finish the season at home.

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