Win or Lose, Dallas Cowboys Fans Should Be Proud Of Their Team

By Ben Grimaldi


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I’m well aware there are no moral victories when it comes to the NFL. You can’t go into a bar and argue with a friend, or a stranger, about how good the 2012 Dallas Cowboys are if they lose tomorrow and fail to make the playoffs. Losing doesn’t sway too many opinions.

However, if you’re a fan of the Cowboys and they lose tomorrow, I hope you can look back on the season and be proud of your favorite team. They never quit; despite everything they’ve gone through they didn’t give up on any game, or the season, when things didn’t look good. They fought back when they were 3-5 and no one gave them a chance at the playoffs. They battled every week they started slowly and even though a few of their comebacks fell short, they never stopped believing.

The players didn’t quit either. Tony Romo began the season with 10 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in the first eight weeks of the season but he fought through the awful start. Since then, Romo has played much better and thrown 16 touchdowns, against just three interceptions.

It took Dez Bryant a little while to get going but he’s arguably been one of the best wide receivers in the game the second half of the season. He fought through a couple of bad drops and cleaned up his route running to gain Romo’s trust and look at the results. None of that would be possible if he gave up on himself.

Jason Witten started slowly, as did their big off-season addition Brandon Carr, but they’ve both been big contributors. And how about what the Cowboys have done with all the injuries on defense! They lost their answer at safety in Barry Church and they fought on. They lost their heart and soul on defense when Sean Lee was injured, yet they fought on. Then they lose their budding star in Bruce Carter and they fought on. We can add Jay Ratliff and Kenyon Coleman to the list, and still the Cowboys haven’t are fighting for the playoffs.

Do you think this would have been the case in years’s past? There are plenty of players on this team who gave up when Wade Phillips was the head coach so there has been a shift in this team’s mentality. Jason Garrett should get the credit for that, even when many fans wanted him fired. He’s brought a new mentality to the organization, one which we should be proud of as fans, not only for this season but in the future as well.

The bottom line is this team holds each other accountable, which was something the Cowboys were missing in year’s past. These players don’t want to let each other down. Remember, Morris Claiborne stood in front of the team after playing poorly in a win against the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this season and said he would get better. You wanted leaders Jason Hatcher, well it appears there are more than you thought on the 2012 Dallas Cowboys.

So regardless of what happens tomorrow, let’s not lose sight of what the Cowboys have done in tough circumstances this year. Some of it was from their own doing but that sometimes makes it easier to give up, these Cowboys didn’t. Be proud of your team and its players, they deserve it. I can’t remember being this proud of a Cowboys team in a long time, even some of their really good teams.

OK, moral victory rant over, now go out and beat the Washington Redskins and bring home the NFC East title tomorrow!

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