Adrian Peterson Should Be Named NFL MVP

By Riley Schmitt
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson is not human. There is no way a mere mortal can do what he does week in and week out. Although the Minnesota Vikings RB did not get the all time NFL rushing record, he did power his team into the playoffs. After his season, there is no way that he should not win the NFL MVP award.

See, Peterson was the heart and soul of this team.  Outside of him, there is no one on the Vikings offense that scares anyone.  There were times he was facing nine men in the box and he would still break off a big run.  That is the sign of a dominant force with the ball.

I mean, there were some plays on Sunday that he made runs look easy.  It looked like he was stopped for a big loss, but he would turn into a big gain.  The man is simply unreal.  There is no way that he was going to be stopped in a game like this.

If he does not get the award, it will be a travesty.  It will show how biased the league really is to quarterbacks.  If a guy like AD does not win this award, they should stop handing it out.  There is no way that a guy does not get the award after this year.

Oh by the way, I haven’t mentioned it’s been a tiny bit over a year since he tore his ACL.  Factor in his offense, his recovery and his dominance.  Those three things equal MVP in my book.

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