Chicago Bears Left The Door Open, The Vikings Strolled Through It

By alibud69
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings went toe to toe and blow for blow with the Green Bay Packers in what turned out to be one heck of a game at the Mall of America Field today.

The Vikings rolled out deserved winners as Christian Ponder came of age and Adrian Peterson in my eyes nailed the MVP award for the season with 199 yards and 2tds.

As a Chicago Bears fan, the dismal display from the Packers defense frustrated me intensely, but the Vikings deserve the 6 seed in the playoffs, they handled their business, the Bears didn’t.
Peterson came up 9 yards short of Eric Dickerson’s single season record of 2105 rushing yards, but this guy is just pure class, he simply didn’t care about personal achievements and was all about the win.
The Packers and subsequently the Bears can have no complaint as the Vikings overcame some dubious decisions and semantics of some pretty idiotic NFL rules to win off of a last second Blair Walsh Field goal.

Put simply the Bears for yet another season have been let down by their poor offensive play. Mike Tice has been a complete disaster as offensive coordinator this season, another dazzling Lovie Smith hire.

Under Tice, Jay Cutler and Matt Forte have regressed massively, his offensive line is still as terrible as it has always been under his care, the Bears simply look clueless, the play calling is transparent and atrocious.

The Vikings deserve all the credit in the world for turning 6-6 season into a 10-6 playoff berth, especially when they faced the Houston Texans and the Packers along the way.

It isn’t their fault the Bears left the door wide open for them to charge through on the back of Peterson, future league MVP and Hall of famer who had his knee rebuilt less than a year ago.

It is time the Bears moved into the new era of football and realised the window of opportunity for the Lovie era to get the job done has slammed shut in their face.

In the past two seasons the Bears have choked away as a team 7-3 and 7-1 records to miss out on the playoffs and frankly it makes me sick to my stomach.

It annoys me that the offense is so bad that the Bears fans give the defense an easy ride. After key losses this season defensive players have come out with the excuse that they weren’t prepared for a certain player.

Against the Seattle Seahawks the Bears gave up back to back drives of 80+ yards to lose the game, starting the next week against the Vikings in the same manner. Today they allowed three 80 yard touchdown drives and leaked away a 17 point lead.

Great defense’s don’t choke in key positions, the Bears defense whilst great at turning the ball over and battering the mediocre teams of this league have been found wanting just as much as the offense has against playoff calibre outfits.

The winds of change have to sweep through Halas Hall if the Bears ever want to win the Superbowl ring they covert so highly.

It wont happen under Smith but I have no doubt come the 2013 regular season the Bears will be making the same mistakes in the same ways under the same tired and misguided leadership of Lovie Smith.

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