Dallas Cowboys Run Over by Washington Redskins

By Jesus Flores
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


If you can run the ball and play defense, you can win games in the NFL.

That has been the formula, which the Washington Redskins had been using all season and it’s what they did Sunday against the Dallas CowboysIt doesn’t help that half of the Cowboys’ defense is composed of a bunch of guys who were sitting on the couch a couple of weeks ago and are held together with some bubblegum and duct tape, but that’s making excuses for them.  Bottom line, they did not execute and it cost them.

I truly thought, and still think that Rob Ryan will be gone after the season. Not because the Cowboys want to get rid of him, but because he’ll garner some interest from teams looking for a head coach.

The offensive play calling was honestly pathetic.  Jason Garrett reverted back to his very predictable offense, and his inability to adjust to what the Redskins were doing on defense really hurt the team.  For some reason, Garrett felt that running five-step drops and long intricate routes by the receivers was going to beat the Redskins blitzing on almost every down.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the Cowboys don’t attack the 3-4 defense in the same manner in which they’re attacked.  For example, whenever Ryan blitzed, the passes were going to the running backs in the flats, however, when the Cowboys offense is blitzed by the 3-4 defenses, the passes are going to the receivers running post routes.  It boggles my mind that the Cowboys have one of the best pass-catching running backs, yet they don’t use him in the passing game.

I’m not even going to talk about Tony Romo’s three interceptions.  The Cowboys were simply outmanned, outplayed, and outcoached at every level.


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