NFL Rumors: Is Kirk Ferentz Considering A Jump To NFL?

By Riley Schmitt
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched any college football at all this year, chances are you heard about Kirk Ferentz and the contract that makes no sense. Yes, the Iowa coach is still in the middle of a lavish contract that pays him way more than he’s worth. However, Iowa fans might have a chance to rejoice as NFL rumors are starting to pick up about Ferentz.

I am sure Kansas City Chiefs would be just thrilled about that.  Not only would they keep their horrible GM in Scott Pioli, they would bring in a college coach to take over.  You may not think this makes a whole lot of sense on the surface, but you have to dive down a little deeper.

Pioli and Ferentz are long time friends.  Pioli realizes he might have one last chance, so he would want to go down with a guy he trusts.  On Ferentz’s side, the Iowa situation is no longer cushy.  There are fans want him out and his family ties to the program are slowly going away.  He only has one kid left in college and his son on the coaching staff would be sought after by a lot of teams.

This will be a rumor to pay attention to.  I know that a lot of Iowa fans might think this is the best thing ever.

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