The Arizona Cardinals Never Had a Chance

By Kase Brammer
Frank Gore San Francisco 49ers
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After the end of week four in the NFL the Arizona Cardinals were 4-0, but by the end of week six, their season was lost. The injury to QB Kevin Kolb was the end of their year. To think that QB John Skelton could win a football game was just wishful thinking. On Sunday, the Cardinals traveled to Candlestick Park to take on the San Francisco 49ers. It was close at halftime, but in reality, they never had a chance.

Think about it. The Cardinals entered the game starting their fourth quarterback of the season. Brian Hoyer played much better than Ryan Lindley would have, but there was just no way. The Cardinals have had too much going against them to even think about winning this game. They could not help the Seattle Seahawks get a first round bye if they wanted to. They did not want to help, but they did want to win.

Winning is something that eluded the Cardinals for most of the last three quarters of the season. Injuries, poor play from the offense and at times laziness from certain star players like Patrick Peterson. He made the Pro Bowl, but not a single Cardinals’ player deserves to be there.

It’s been a rough season. The Cardinals are coming into one of the most important off-seasons in their history. Do they want to spend the money to get a star? Or, do they want to guess in the draft and come away with another terrible excuse for a quarterback like Oakland Raiders Matt Leinart. A decision will need to be made.

The Cardinals need to spend the money to get Andy Reid and they need to spend the money to get an offensive line that is not just absolutely terrible. The Cardinals also need a veteran to back up Kolb if that is the direction they want to go. This team needs to find something that works. Whatever they tried to do this season did not work.

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