Tony Romo's Legacy Will Be Defined Against Washington

By Jesus Flores
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


Fair or not, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is one of the most polarizing professional athletes.

Partly because he is the Cowboys quarterback, and that position will always be heavily scrutinized, but mostly because of his lack of “big wins.”  Neither which are entirely his fault.  The biggest problem I have in his lack of “big wins” is that neither he, nor any quarterback for that matter can do it alone.

Has he had games that make you want to break your TV set in frustration?  Yes, but what quarterback hasn’t?  Plain and simple, Romo cannot do it alone.  The common misconception is that it’s all on the quarterback’s shoulders, and rightfully so.  He is the field general, and plays a huge part in deciding whether or not a team wins, but look at the team assembled around him.

The offensive line is pathetic, he has no running game to speak of and the defense has been horrendous.

However, on Sunday when the Cowboys travel to Washington D.C., all eyes will be on No. 9.  If Romo ever wants to be considered one of the best he’s going to have to win on Sunday and then some.  He’s proven he can win during the season, and he can put up stats that make you say “wow,” but he has had very little postseason success.

The biggest knock on Romo is that throughout his career, his team has never achieved more than regular season success.  Not entirely his fault, but it is what it is.

Should Romo falter at the finish line again this season, it may be time for the Cowboys to start thinking about a change at quarterback.  It’s not fair, but if Romo is going to change his perception and the minds of his critics, he must be and has to be the best quarterback on the field in Sunday night’s game


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