What's Next For The Cleveland Browns?

By Ryan Ruiz
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To sit here and say that it was a successful season would be a false statement. There are many questions left to answer as the off season officially begins for the Cleveland Browns and their fans. It begs the question; what’s next for the orange and brown?

Brace yourselves, a complete overhaul is soon to happen. From head coach to key position players to uniform design, changes are on the way. New owner Jimmy Haslam has bought a team in disarray and now must do some serious fine tuning.

First off, Pat Shurmur and his nine measly wins has to go. Since the Browns came back in 1999, I have never found myself disgusted more by a head coach than Shurmur. He appeared clueless way too many times this season and was out coached on certain occasions. Like many others, I shook my head when Mike Holmgren brought him aboard, but supported it because I had no choice.

It seemed like every game, I would scream at my television at the pure stupidity I would witness on Sundays. To using all of our timeouts due to communication issues to dialing up a play to our third string tight end that would get two yards when we needed eight, I’m done with Shurmur. Don’t believe me, go back in your DVR and watch the games. Tomorrow morning will be the end of Shurmur.

The only offensive positions that are secured for next season are running back, a number one wide receiver, both tackles, center, and tight end. On defense, a shut down corner back, both tackles, middle linebacker, and strong safety are the only guaranteed spots. Everyone else must fend for themselves. At this point, not even the quarterback position is set.

As a huge Browns fan, I am sick and tired of waiting for the team to be good. It’s almost like the football gods are against us every year. Whatever is next for the Browns, let it be something great. Mr. Haslam, keep your word and do whatever you have to do, to make this team a contender.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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