Chicago Bears Finally Act Like a Real Organization

Phil Emery Chicago Bears
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There was a collective sigh of relief today with Chicago Bears fans with the announcement that Lovie Smith was fired this morning. This was a move that had to be made, and general manager Phil Emery wasted no time in making it. I’ve been one of Emery’s biggest critics, but today proves that the Bears have turned the corner in how the organization conducts business.

When George McCaskey took over as the CEO of the Bears two seasons ago, he set a new tone around Halas Hall. I’ve actually met and spent time with Mr. McCaskey, and will tell you that he’s a stand-up guy. Whenever there’s an event for season ticket holders, he’s always greeting and talking with fans. I believe his leadership has led to an overall change in how the Bears run their organization.

There are going to be plenty of candidates that want to work for the Bears. With all the openings announced so far today, I find it hard to find a better job with more promise. Emery can finally put his stamp on this organization and run it the way he sees fit. Considering he was the Bears choice as general manager, this is now 100 percent his show. Unlike other sports, the NFL doesn’t take a very long time to be competitive. With the right players and schemes, a team can be successful fairly quickly. There’s still plenty of pieces in place, so this comes down to the right fit as coach as well as the right use of personnel.

While it would be easy to throw Smith under the bus, he was a good coach. I’ve written about it before, but based on results, I’d even suggest he was a better coach than Mike Ditka. That being said, this just wasn’t good enough. The Bears want to win a Super Bowl and stop losing to the Green Bay Packers, and Smith just wasn’t the coach to fix that issue.

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