Black Monday: Chicago Bears Fire Lovie Smith. Now What?

By Evan Crum
Kyle Terada-US Presswire

After nine years, the Lovie Smith era is over. As of 9:45 am, the Chicago Bears fired Smith. There are two immediate questions for the Bears. One, is who do the Bears look at for hiring someone? The second, is as an organization, where do they go from Smith?

Smith knew defense and there is no doubt about that. In the nine years that Smith was here, the Bears had the best defense in the NFL. However, the offense struggled during Smith’s entire time with the Bears. The highest ranking that the Bears offense ever had with Smith was 15th and that was 2006 when the Bears went to the Super Bowl. The Bears offense under Smith seemed to be stuck in the 1940’s.

While Smith had a decent record as the Bears head coach they were 81-63 under Smith. Yet the Bears had other problems. The Bears were 1-8 against the Green Bay Packers after Smith himself said it was his top priority to beat the Packers when he was hired. The Bears have only been to the playoffs once since 2006.

As an organization the Bears need to decide where they want to go. Do they stick to being defense orientated? Smith was the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams before he was hired. The Bears need to hire a coach that is offense orientated. That is how things are in the NFL now and the Bears need to catch up.

The immediate question is, who do the Bears actually hire? They have already sent out consent forms to other teams to interview head coaching candidates. They also have one possibility internally. That would be special teams coach Dave Toub. Other teams have wanted to interview Toub before for a head coaching position so it is possible that the Bears could hire him.

It will be a very interesting offseason now for the Bears. Let’s see where the road takes the Bears now.

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