2013 NFL Playoffs: Denver Broncos Should Ride No. 1 Seed to Super Bowl

By Mark Stringer


Ron Chenoy – US Presswi

The Denver Broncos ended their regular season by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 38-3 to cap an 11-game winning streak, which secured Denver the No.1 seed for the AFC playoffs. The Broncos received a little help from the Indianapolis Colts as they beat the Houston Texans, which opened up a chance for the Broncos to get the No. 1 seed.

What does the No. 1 seed mean for the Broncos? It means that they will get a first-round bye and will get to play all their playoff  games at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. It also means that they will play in the second-round against the Wild Card team with the lowest seed that wins in Round 1. The Texans are the No. 3 seed, so if they win the Broncos will get to avoid them in the second round. Instead, the Broncos will face either the four, five or six seed, which will be the Cincinnati Bengals or the winner of the Baltimore Ravens-Colts game.

None of those teams should give the Broncos a whole lot of trouble in the second round, but in the conference title game, Denver will most likely see either the Texans or the New England Patriots and both of these teams beat the Broncos early in the regular season. I would expect to see a much better game from the Broncos at this point and wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the Super Bowl.

How important is home field advantage? The home team has won 67% of the time in the NFL playoffs dating back to 1940. It’s safe to say a 36-year-old quarterback like Peyton Manning will appreciate playing at home with odds like that on his side.


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