Devin Hester Is Considering Retiring From The NFL

By Riley Schmitt
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Ask anyone who watched a Chicago Bears game this year and they would tell you that Devin Hester appears to be past his prime.  The former ace kick and punt returner was simply awful this year.  On offense, he was even worse.  On Monday, the Bears canned Lovie Smith and it appears to affected Hester so much that he is considering retirement.

Brad Biggs ‏@BradBiggs

Emotional Devin Hester says he is considering retiring from NFL.

That could be the most foolish thing that I have ever heard.  You want to retire because your head coach got fired?  Come on.  There are players who say Smith should still be coaching the team.  I can understand that argument but the team has been stuck in a rut.  Winning 10 games means nothing if you can’t find a way into the playoffs.  Smith was growing stale and the offenses his team put up were terrible.

Then again, I bet a lot of Bears fans would not care if Hester left.  The team has an good replacement ready in Eric Weems and he might be better than Hester.  If teams kicked short to avoid Hester this year, they were doing it based on his reputation alone.  At no point did he strike any fear into teams with his returns this year.

This might just be heat of the moment talk, so I think Hester will back off these claims.  If he does end up retiring, it would be for one of the oddest reasons in recorded history.

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