What is Devin Hester thinking with retirement comments following Lovie Smith firing?

By Evan Crum
Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

So, Devin Hester is really upset that the Chicago Bears fired Lovie Smith.  He said this to Chicago media, “I thought he was a great coach.” Then Hester said the following: “Media, the false fans, you all got what you all wanted. Majority of you all wanted him out. As players we wanted him. I guess the false fans outruled us.”

I guess that Hester learned from Brian Urlacher and Chris Conte to blame fans and media when things go bad. I’m sorry, but the fans and the media aren’t the ones catching balls. How many drops did Hester have? Fans and media haven’t gone through four offensive coordinators like Smith did.

Then, Hester said the following to the media: “I don’t even know if I want to play again. Man, it’s been on my mind for two years now. I got my workers’ comp papers in my pocket. I’ll see how I feel. I’m going to go home and talk to my wife and my family.” Did I really read that right? So, because Smith got fired Hester is going to retire?

I understand that Smith was Hester’s first coach in the NFL. I understand that he feels bad for him and that he is sad. However, to pretty much say that he will retire because Smith is gone is acting like a big baby.

I think that Hester needs to learn from the phrase “nothing personal it’s just business.” Jay Cutler knows that. He said after Smith was fired that “sometimes change is a good thing.” I don’t hear Cutler complaining. I don’t hear Cutler saying that he doesn’t want to resign with the Bears.

I think that Hester can learn something from another Chicago athlete in regards to his first coach being fired. I remember when the Chicago Blackhawks decided to fire Dennis Savard in 2008. A young Patrick Kane started to cry and said “He was my first coach in the league. I think he was just more than anything a great friend. It’s difficult to see him go.”

Did Kane stomp his feet and say that he was going to retire? Did he blame the media and the “false fans” for the Blackhawks firing Savard? No, he didn’t. I think that Hester could learn something from that.

Either way, I want Hester to now go away. Thank you for your services and good luck in your future endeavors.

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