Kansas City Chiefs to Finally Fire Romeo Crennel

By Curt Popejoy
Romeo Crennel Fired
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

In what cannot be considered a shocking development, it was informally announced last night among Kansas City Chiefs players that head coach Romeo Crennel has been terminated. There will be a formal announcement of the firing very soon, probably as early as today.

This season for the Chiefs has been miserable. This is a team with lots of talent on both sides of the football, but was just never able to get any traction. Most of the problems stemmed from poor quarterback play, and many fans and players pointed fingers back at the coaching staff for not doing more to address this problem going into the season. The staff believed that the answer lied with quarterback Matt Cassel and with the money they had tied up in him didn’t think they could go seek out another free agent quarterback or draft one in the first round. These both turned out to be serious mistakes and were a huge factor in Crennel losing his job.

The problems for this team just snowballed as the season went on, and it was clear that he had lost his team. I’m not saying guys gave up because I don’t believe they did, but in terms of a sports cliche’ these players would not run through a wall for Crennel and in the NFL that’s what you have to get from players if you want to be a champion.

Where do the Chiefs go from here? The big question at this point isn’t about who will be coaching these team next year, but once Crennel is gone, will the next shoe drop and will ownership fire GM Scott Pioli. His track record since taking over the GM duties of the franchise have been questionable at best, seemingly missing on high draft picks year after putting this team behind the 8 ball from the very beginning.

For most Chiefs fans firing Crennel is a step in the right direction, but it won’t be a true re-build until Pioli is gone as well. Once that’s done, the initial list of new candidates for the head coach job will be developed, but don’t be shocked if the Chiefs decide to select either a mid-level college head coach or a current NFL coordinator rather than hunt down a big flashy name. And as for Crennel, I still contend that he’s a very good defensive coordinator and he won’t be out of work long. One of these new head coaches will love having him on the payroll to implement their defense.


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