New York Jets: Tannebaum fired

By Raymond Mencke
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have fired General Manager Mike Tannenbaum while retaining Head Coach Rex Ryan.  The announcement was made by the team’s owner Woody Johnson earlier today.  The Jets finished their season with a 6-10 record after losing to the Buffalo Bills 28-9 yesterday.

The season was a disaster from the moment Tannenbaum gave Mark Sanchez an unnecessary contract extension.  The move alone is probably what got him fired today.  The Jets later traded for Tim Tebow which proved to be even more of a mess because the Jets never figured out how to use him properly all year.

Tannenbaum failed to provide any offensive skill players after the 2010 season.  His moves to sign Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason blew up in his face.  He also let go some key veterans like Jerricho Cotchery and Damien Woody.  The team’s talent has declined drastically the last two seasons and Sanchez has proven he can’t make other players around him better.

I agree with the decision to bring Ryan back.  It’s hard to believe they even won six games with as anemic of an offense as they displayed this season.  If Sanchez just cut down his turnovers in half the team would probably have eight or nine wins.  They received the worst quarterbacking of any team all season.  Ryan alone brings a top ten defense so the team will also be competitive.  The offensive staff needs an overhaul including players and coaches.

Ryan needs to pay more attention to the offense if he’s going to keep his job for more than one more season.  It’s frustrating to hear him talk about the defense after losses when it was clear that the offense was the reason they lost.  He also needs to get rid of this idea of a ground and pound offense.  The NFL is a passing league and that needs to be the focus in the draft and free agency.  The Jets must upgrade the line, receivers and running backs.  They also have to bring in another quarterback to either take the job from Sanchez or compete with him.

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