NFL Rumors: Are Dallas Cowboys Planning On Bringing In An Offensive Coordinator?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There are a ton of coaching changes in the NFL today and none of them have involved the Dallas Cowboys, yet. While no change to the head coach appears to be coming, according to’s Ian Rapoport the Cowboys are considering a coaching change.

“A better possibility is that the Cowboys could hire an offensive coordinator to call plays for Jason Garrett and allow him to be a walk-around coach and essentially just be the leader of men that they think he can be.”

The change would mean a big shift in philosophy for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones because he’s stated numerous times he prefers his head coach to also be a coordinator. Desperate times call for desperate measures and missing the playoffs again could mean that Jones is growing impatient and is willing to try something new in order to win.

If the move happens, it would be a smart move for both the Cowboys and Garrett. Even though the Cowboys offense ranked sixth in the NFL, it has become stale and could use a new perspective. It would also allow Garrett to focus on other aspects of the team, which could make him a better head coach in the long run. That isn’t to say Garrett can’t have input on the offense, just that calling the plays on game days could be hindering the Cowboys’ success.

I’m all for the change but there is always a danger in changing coordinators, so the fit must be right and the Garrett must be comfortable with whoever calls the plays. If Dallas is looking for coordinators, it’s likely that Norv Turner’s name will pop rather quickly or the Cowboys could also go with Bill Callahan. He currently holds the title of offensive coordinator and he already has a good relationship with Garrett.

Making the playoffs just one time in five years will not cut it in Dallas and Jerry Jones wants to see results. Perhaps this is just one way of preparing for a better future with his hand picked head coach, but it’s obvious that change is needed.

Apparently changes, they are a coming.

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