NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears to Look at Broncos Assistant

By Joe Morrone
Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

With success comes opportunity and the opportunities are all ready coming for the assistant coaches of the Denver Broncos. Offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy is the hot name for the Chicago Bears. Lovie Smith was let go on Monday by the Bears, and multiple reports have McCoy has a leading candidate. Those same reports say the McCoy will interview later this week during the Broncos bye week.

The Bears interest in McCoy makes sense on many levels but the main one is his work with quarterbacks. He designed an offense and won with Tim Tebow when everyone said it was impossible. McCoy took what Tebow does well and developed an offense around those skills; most coaches are too stubborn or naïve to make such a change. McCoy’s work with Tebow alone is reason enough to give him a look as a head coach.

Following the season with Tebow, the Broncos signed Peyton Manning and McCoy changed his offense again. Granted Manning, in many respects, is his own offensive coordinator but McCoy deserves much of the credit for the Broncos success on offense in 2012. He successfully meshed his offense with what Manning does well, and the results speak for themselves.

Now the question becomes, Is McCoy up for his biggest challenge yet? Jay Cutler has more natural talent than 98% of the other quarterbacks in the NFL, but he has major issues from the neck up. If McCoy can do something that no one else has been able to do, get Cutler to buy into a system, then the Bears can be a very good football team. It won’t be easy, some great coaches have had a shot to change Cutler and have failed. Make no mistake, though, McCoy’s work with quarterbacks is the primary reason that the Bears are interested in him.

It would be a blow for the Broncos but as long as they have Manning at quarterback; they will be just fine. As for the Bears, they would be smart to hire McCoy. If anyone can get Cutler to play at an elite level, it’s McCoy.

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