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NFL Rumors: San Diego Chargers Will Fire Norv Turner, GM A.J. Smith

Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A dreadful 2012 season has finally come to an end for the San Diego Chargers and not a moment too soon for frustrated fans of the club. The franchise had begun to have difficulties selling out the stadium toward the end of the year and the fans that did bother to show up only did so to rain boos down on the players and coaching staff. Now comes the task of trying to resurrect this franchise that has fallen on hard times and turning Head Coach Norv Turner into “former” head coach Norv Turner would be a nice first step.

The Bolts coach seems to have already resigned to his fate as the man at the helm for the Bolts. Following the game on Sunday, Turner actually said: “I’m sure they’ll start looking for a new coach.”

Wow. Way to stand up for yourself. It’s that gutless approach that has allowed this team to disintegrate over the past handful of seasons.

This has been a theme during Turner’s tenure with the team. The players reflect their head coach no matter how much we would like to think otherwise and when that man in charge is essentially spineless, what kind of motivation could players possibly bring to work everyday?

After last season, both Turner and the man who hand-picked him, General Manager A.J. Smith, were given one last opportunity to get things right and save themselves. Now the team has suffered through its first losing record since 2003 when they held the number one overall pick in the draft and things have never looked any bleaker.

The fact that this is also the end of the line for GM Smith is somewhat bittersweet being that he took over a franchise that had experienced eight consecutive losing seasons in 2003 and turned it into a perennial contender overnight. Still his magic has worn off a bit recently as well with several NFL Draft misses and free agent signings who turned out to be whiffs.

Often times protest doesn’t pay off for disgruntled fans, but this time in San Diego, the fans will finally see some significant change. This offseason is sure to be unlike any in recent memory with plenty of retooling all across the roster. There are sure to be some growing pains for the Chargers in 2013 who will now be officially “rebuilding”.

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