Green Bay Packers Opponents For 2013 Are Set

By Kevin Van Pelt


While the Green Bay Packers are getting ready to start another playoff run, it’s not too early to take a quick look at the 2013 season. The schedules have not been released yet, but the opponents that the Packers will be playing have been released.

As usual the Packers will be facing their divisional opponents twice a year, one on the road and one at home. The rest of the schedule for the Packers includes playing all four teams from the NFC East and all four teams from the AFC North. At home the Packers will be playing the Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Washington Redskins. The away games for Green Bay include the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

Looking at the schedule for 2013 and comparing it with how these teams performed this season it looks like the Packers will have a tough schedule. The Packers will only be facing three teams with a losing record from 2012, the Eagles, Browns and Detroit Lions. The most interesting matchup has to be when phenom Robert Griffin III and the Redskins comes to Lambeau Field to take on the Packers. Griffin has taken over the league with his exciting play, both throwing and running the ball and he will be a sight to see.

Other big matchups will be rematches against the 49ers and Giants. Both of these teams beat the Packers this season and the Packers will be looking to get revenge, especially on the Giants who have had the Packers number as of late.

While the schedule doesn’t look promising for the Packers, facing 11 teams with a winning record in 2012, it is still too early to tell if the schedule will be hard or not. The NFL changes very quickly and teams can go from the number one overall pick one year to being a playoff contender the next. The one thing we do know is that Green Bay will have plenty of big market games coming their way in 2013.


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