The Arizona Cardinals Clean House, Now What?

By Kase Brammer
Ken Whisenhunt arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals fired their general manager and head coach today along with most of their offensive staff. However, that is just the start of rebuilding the offensive side of this franchise. The defense has the skills to win a championship, but they cannot do it alone. Bringing in an offensive genius is the only way this franchise can move forward with any confidence at all. There are more than a couple of guys that are available.

First, the Philadelphia Eagles fired Andy Reid on Black Monday along with more than a handful of other top dogs. He will be more expensive than anybody else the Cardinals could bring in. I do not think this has a realistic chance of happening. The Cardinals still have to pay the difference in salary for Ken Whisenhunt which could be a lot of money depending on where he goes. Reid will demand more than the Cardinals could afford especially since other teams competing for his services will drive the price up.

Other options for the Cardinals are Denver Broncos OC Mike McCoy. He will have better options on the table, so I do not think he will be joining the organization. There is also Lovie Smith, but if the Cardinals wanted to hire a defensive minded coach they might as well hire their own defensive coordinator, Ray Horton. Jon Gruden will be too expensive, so who will be left?

The Cardinals are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are very few offensive specialists that would want to come to Arizona and try to figure out this mess. The Cardinals finished last in the league in a lot of offensive categories and had the worst play in the league from their four starters this season at the quarterback position. The Cardinals are expected to get help on their offensive line and will have a high draft pick to choose another one if that is the direction they want to go.

The Cardinals fired every member of the offensive staff, with exception of the tight end coach. They need to start hiring right now or they will lose out on the big named guys that can actually help the organization. If they cannot sign a coach quick they will be stuck with a man that will not be able to bring the franchise out of its current funk.

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