The Buffalo Bills Fire Entire Coaching Staff on Black Monday

By Scott DelleFave
Gailey, Chan 3
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Today ended the Chan Gailey era for the Buffalo Bills as he was fired, along with the rest of the coaching staff.  I agree that Gailey should have been fired, however I would have retained all the rest of the coaches, and let whomever is named the new head coach decide if he wants to keep specific ones or not.

This is far from a shock since Gailey was 16-32 as the Bills head coach, but more importantly only beat the New York Jets once, Miami Dolphins twice, and the New England Patriots once  and still no playoffs in the three season span. Not many coaches deserve to keep their jobs after a track record like that.

For many of the 48 games he coached, Gailey looked out of place, overwhelmed and his teams looked under-prepared. He also seemed to always out-think himself the majority of the time and the team suffered as a result. Also, Gailey promised to give up play calling duties, well he finally did in a manner of speaking.

What the team needs in a new coach, someone with fire and passion for the game, who can adapt systems to the personnel that the Bills have and can have the team buy into the new coaching staff’s philosophies. Also one that will buy into the city of Buffalo and its extremely loyal fan that live or die Buffalo Bills no matter if they are 13-3 or 3-13 and it’s -10 out.

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