Tony Romo Isn't Answer At Quarterback For Dallas Cowboys

By Ben Grimaldi


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I have a confession to make, when the Dallas Cowboys got the ball back with 3:35 left to play in the fourth quarter I thought Tony Romo was going to drive the team down the field for the win. It was his time, it had to be. After everything the Cowboys had been through this season, I thought it would be fitting for him to end the season by getting over the hump with a final comeback and leading Dallas into the playoffs.

It took just two plays for Tony Romo to remind everyone why the Cowboys have been a disappointment for the past six years. He ‘Romo-ed’ the game away with an awful pass that was intercepted. If there is another way to say how bad the pass was, I’m open for suggestions.

I’m not going to get into the stats from Romo in big games because they’re irrelevant; besides, anyone with decent eyes can see he shrinks in almost every big situation he’s been in. Some people have a clutch gene inside them, Romo does not. Sure, he’s made some big plays in big spots to lead the Cowboys to wins but there aren’t nearly enough of them.

Now the Dallas Cowboys are at a crossroads at quarterback. Romo’s contract is up after the season and the team must decide whether or not extend his contract. In no way, shape or form should the Cowboys extend Romo because he isn’t the answer for them. He’s a very good quarterback who can get them wins but he can’t take the Cowboys where they need to go.

Signing Romo to a contract somewhere in between Matt Schaub and Drew Brees, which is in the $80 million range, would be a big mistake. The Cowboys need to ride Romo’s last season out and find his replacement either with a high draft pick or via a trade. Good quarterbacks are rarely available in free agency but it one becomes available, that’s an option too. The best plan should be for the Cowboys to draft a quarterback high in the draft, let him learn for a year and then when Romo’s contract is up after season, hand the ball over to a young QB.

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett must let it be known that just being good isn’t good enough for the Dallas Cowboys. They’ve played with Tony Romo at quarterback for six years now and two playoff appearances and one playoff win isn’t good enough. The Cowboys can’t allow another season to be wasted with Romo’s mistakes in big games.

If it looks like this is an overreaction from last night’s game, you could be right but if truth is Romo hasn’t been the answer at quarterback for the Cowboys. As much as I wanted it to be Romo because he gets far too much blame, he deserved the opportunity to prove everyone wrong and he hasn’t done so.

Last night should be the last straw for the Tony Romo era in Dallas. If the Cowboys want to win big, they need a bigtime quarterback and unfortunately, it isn’t Tony Romo.

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