Washington Redskins Beat Dallas Cowboys For NFC East Title

By Ricky Allen
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


As the Washington Redskins secured their spot in the NFL Playoffs with an Alfred Morris touchdown late in the fourth quarter, I lost my voice yelling at the TV.

Admit it, you did too.

With a 28-18 win over the Dallas Cowboys, the Redskins will enter the playoffs for the first time since 1999. It’s perfect: The last game of the regular season at the end of the year when people are preparing for the upcoming new year.  Resolutions will be made and will be broken, but one thing is for sure: The dream for this team has without a doubt been fulfilled.

In a year when publications such as ESPN Magazine had predicted a 2-14 season, the Redskins have managed to endure the first part of the 2012 NFL Season, losing weeks 2,3,5,7,8, and 9, and going flawless from Week 11 forward.  No one could have predicted this outcome except them. No one could have seen them sweeping their division, and double-tapping the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cowboys (That’s a Zombieland term, look it up).

And of all the years for the New York Giants to be off their game. Now they all will be sitting at home with the rest of the NFC East watching a team that was considered dysfunctional and an embarrassment only a year ago.  The Redskins will be led by a rookie quarterback who could have cared less about their history with quarterbacks, a running back that rose to the occasion unexpectedly, and followed with the support of veteran players who watch in awe.  Let’s not forget a front office who is laughing all the way to the bank.

They said head coach Mike Shanahan and Redskins general manager Bruce Allen gave up too much to acquire Robert Griffin III. Critics also pondered their pickup of QB Kirk Cousins.  What will they say now? And on the unfortunate eve of Eagles Coach Andy Reid losing his job, many thought this would also be the future of Shanahan should the coin had flipped the other way. That thought will now be left in the debates of sports bars across America.

For now, everything has been justified. For now, there is a reason to celebrate and truly party like it’s 1999.


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