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Years of Inept Offenses Cost Lovie Smith His Job

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With the Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery quickly making the decision to fire head coach Lovie Smith, some fans think it is a pretty dumb move to fire a coach that has consistently put the team in contention every year.  He also has given the Bears a defense that was always near the top of the league each year, and not to mention the players respect the hell out of him.

However; In Smith tenure with the Bears, he never got the offense to the level of respectability. During his nine years in Chicago, Smith has gone through four offensive coordinators. In 2004, it was Terry Shea who tried his best to implement his version of the Air Coryell offense to no prevail. 2005 through 2009, Ron Turner tried to bring the Bears to respectability running a variant of the west coast offense and the Air Coryell.

He had one great year in 2006 where the offense ranked 15th in the league (no coincidence they went to the super bowl that season) but after that, failed under Lovie watch. Smith thought it was a good idea to match Mike Martz with Jay Cutler despite his system not being ideal to Cutler strengths. The results, 30th and 24th rank offenses in his two years as Bears OC. This year, Smith promoted Mike Tice to offensive coordinator considering the fact he has no experience in that position.  With the most talented offensive roster in Lovie’s tenure, the Bears finish the year ranked 28th in the league in total offense.

There’s no doubt that Smith is one of the best defensive coaches in the game, but his stubbornness on the offensive side of the ball has held the team back throughout his career in Chicago.

Very few teams would take the best return man in NFL history in Devin Hester, and declare him the team’s number one wide receiver; Smith surely did that year after year up until the team acquired Brandon Marshall.

It was Smith who said that Kellen Davis can do all the things the good tight ends can do; the man can’t even do the things the average TE’s can do. It was Smith who promoted Tice to OC and watch him throughout the season dumb down Cutler and Matt Forte. Forte and Cutler had probably their worst season’s as players of the Bears.

Smith is a good head coach that should be able to get a job in the league very soon (unless he opts to take a year off). Wherever he lands, hope he learned his lesson and that is stubbornness can only get you so far.

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