2013 NFL Schedule Features Manning Bowl

By Andy Schmidt
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2012 National Football League regular season now complete, the time has come to look ahead to 2013. There is one game that has caught my attention while looking ahead is the battle of the Mannings with the New York Giants facing the Denver Broncos. Denver will be good again next season anyway and a battle of Eli versus Payton should be one to watch.

There will be other interconference games that will get people’s attention but I think the Denver/Giants game will be one that will find its way to the opening Sunday Night to the 2013 season. The schedule makers may make this the opening night game just to get fans into the season. It is possible that this game could end up being the Thanksgiving game as well as I see Denver playing the Dallas Cowboys on that day.

There are a lot of other games that will be on the 2013 schedule that could garner more interest than this one but I really believe fans will want to see this game more than any other. I have always been a fan of turning to figure out the schedule and games like this one are ones that I make sure that I circle on my calendar. I know I will be another three months until the schedule is fully announced but until then, there can be wild guesses on what will be the game to watch for 2013. I will revisit this when the schedule is fully announced in April and all the games are put into place.

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