Andy Reid Will Have New Job In NFL Soon

By Andy Schmidt
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It was a sad day for Andy Reid on Monday as he was fired after 14 years with the Philadelphia Eagles. The best thing for Reid though is that he will find a new job very quickly and should get a good job at that. If any team really needs a new coach though, the first call should be to Reid.

Reid is still relatively young and could be a great fit with the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland has a great running game with Trent Richardson and Reid could find a nice rapport with Brandon Weeden. The National Football League needs coaches like Reid but his team had come with the Eagles for him to go. Reid is one of the few coaches that could stay for a long time with a second team and Cleveland is a place that could really use a change and a coach who has been in the NFL for a long time.

It is an interesting time in the NFL and coaching opportunities are all over the place now. If a team wants to change their fortunes quickly though, Reid is the coach that would be the best fit for doing that. However, any team would be happy with Reid as their new coach. It is a rare situation where a coach of Reid’s ability comes available and while there are other high-profile coaches available, Reid has been in the game for a long time and knows the drill. It is a new NFL and it won’t be a long wait for Reid to get back into the game.

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