Chicago Bears' Phil Emery Talks the Talk, Will He Walk the Walk?

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Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery may not be the best-dressed man in the room. But looking good and doing a good job aren’t mutually exclusive. Emery did spend a good hour today explaining to the football world why he decided to part ways with Lovie Smith and his philosophies on building the organization.

While he started off the press conference expressing his gratitude towards recently-fired head coach Lovie Smith, he said what is the truth with Smith and the organization. There’s only been one playoff appearance since the Bears made the Super Bowl in 2006. Not winning wore out its welcome with Smith. And while players, coaches and others around football respect Smith, he just didn’t get the job done.

Now Emery can mold this organization in the beter manner he sees fit. His spend a good part of the press conference discussing the offensive deficiencies of the team. While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that the Bears are a crappy offensive team, it took another failure to make the post-season to finally do something about the issue. How many offensive coordinators can a team go through before it falls on the head coach? Smith’s failure to understand and improve the offense was his demise.

Unlike many of you I’ve interacted with on Twitter, I am not letting Emery off the hook on this one. While he admitted he failed to address certain things like the mid-level passing game (which I’ve been screaming about all season), the bottom line is admitting it and fixing it are two different things. The fact that Emery felt good about tight end Kellen Davis at any point of his time with the Bears is troubling. While he drafted Alshon Jeffrey to help with this issue, he just didn’t get the job done. These are failures of not giving the coaches the personnel they needed to be successful.

Emery’s approach today was refreshing, but I will not find today as productive unless he actually fixes the Bears.

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