Denver Broncos OC Mike McCoy Once Again a Hot Name for Head Coach

By Craig Moir
Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

Fresh off of a 38-3 trampling of the Kansas City Chiefs which put the icing on the Denver Broncos cake with a 13-3 season and a number one seed in the AFC, the fallout of Black Monday has begun in the NFL, and of course, that means teams will start calling for coaches in successful systems.  Last season, the Oakland Raiders came calling, and that resulted in the Broncos losing Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen to a head coaching position, while Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy stood pat.

This year, McCoy is again coveted, and has decided to entertain interviews, with permission from the Broncos, of course.  So far, the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears have called, even though Arizona seems focused on Andy Reid, and it seems as if McCoy would be likely to end up in the Windy City, as that would be the best fit if he wants to win now.  I don’t believe the Buffalo Bills would work in his favor, and I can not see him going to the San Diego Chargers, a division rival that has underachieved and is getting older.

Jack Del Rio, on the other hand, has not received any calls from teams, even though he has been a head coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he positioned the Broncos defense as number three in the NFL.  But this begs the question if either of these coordinators should even entertain jobs to lead other teams at this juncture in their careers.  For McCoy, it might be harder to wait much longer than for Del Rio.

Look at it this way.  McCoy was a huge asset as the architect of an offense that not only catered to Tim Tebow in 2011, but was successful in making it work at times.  Yet he did this with a team that was built to run the ball and create mismatches on offense that left gaping holes for Tebow to exploit, even though it was evident that his passing technique never evolved to the NFL level.

In 2012, McCoy had the pleasure of watching the best who has ever done it in Peyton Manning, and was not needed as much as most fans would ever recognize.  This was clearly Manning’s offense to run, even though McCoy might call in the plays.  So is McCoy ready for a head coaching gig in the NFL? I think it would be best to wait another year or two for some seasoning, then venture out before he becomes the next Dennis Allen, or even Josh McDaniels, who had difficult times with underdeveloped teams and personnel moves.

For Del Rio, it’s even easier to decide.  He is comfortable in Denver, and is older in a “been there, done that” sort of way in which he will not just jump on any job.  This is a good thing as Denver does not want to replace yet another defensive coordinator for the eighth year in a row.

I think the best bet would be for both of these coordinators to stick with the juggernaut they have helped create, for the sole reason that Del Rio may need time to lick his wounds from being fired himself, and we really don’t know just how McCoy will react to being in full charge of his own team with very limited experience.

The only other option would be for the Jaguars to come calling and want to bring in both McCoy and Tebow.  Then maybe the offense could be run with Maurice Jones-Drew, Tebow, and a beefed up offensive line.  But the likelihood of that happening is as promising as a 80 yard Tebow pass for a touchdown to win a playoff game.  Oh, right. That has actually already happened.


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