Despite An Awful Year, Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald Continues To Be A Class Act

By Ben Grimaldi
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With all the rumors flying around about who may or may not be the Arizona Cardinals coach next season, there may have been a move missed by most people. Star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, after suffering through the worst season of his career, thanked his former coach and general manager for their time in the Cardinals organization.

“We all shoulder the blame for a disappointing season which began with such promise,” Fitzgerald said. “A unique relationship with all of my coaches past and present is a valued life experience.  I would like to thank them all, especially Coach Ken Whisenhunt and General Manager Rod Graves who gave me the opportunity to live my dream in the NFL.”

I know I spoke about it a few weeks ago but I think Larry Fitzgerald is the classiest player in the NFL. A few weeks ago he refused to throw anyone under the bus for his declining stats even though it was clear that the quarterback play was the biggest reason. Now, after a horrid year in which his coach and general manager both had a big hand in the ridiculously bad quarterback situation, Fitzgerald once again takes the high road.

It’s things like this that make Fitzgerald one of the heroes in the NFL and should be a lesson for all players to follow. The league and its players has a very bad reputation at times and rightfully so. The media, myself included, tends to focus on the negativity the players sometimes bring to themselves and the league but rarely is a gesture like Fitzgerald’s celebrated. It’s a practice that must be stopped. There are plenty of great stories from the players of the NFL and they deserve more attention.

Larry Fitzgerald is an example of what is good about the NFL; a star player who knows how lucky he is to be living his dream of playing in the NFL and he’s thankful of the opportunity he’s been given. Plenty of other players should be following his lead.

Fitzgerald is a great football player and an even better person, now let’s hope he gets a quarterback to get him noticed again so gestures like this don’t go unnoticed.

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