NFL Rumors: Chip Kelly Isn't Going to The Cleveland Browns, Is He?

By Ryan Ruiz
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One day after “Black Monday” where seven NFL head coaches met their doom, the airwaves in Cleveland continue to buzz about Chip Kelly becoming the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. With new owner Jimmy Haslam now leading the way with his sidekick Joe Banner, the next move is crucial. Is Kelly the right fit and answer?

As Tuesday dwindles down, Browns fans all over the radio and social media are talking about how a deal is already in place. How could this be? Kelly and his Oregon Ducks are getting ready to getting ready to play in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on Thursday. Kelly, widely regarded as one of the top offensive coaches in college football, is supposedly on all seven NFL teams with a vacant head coaching positions’ radar.

My question regarding Kelly coming to the Browns is a simple one though. As stated above, this next move placing Cleveland’s 17th head coach at the reigns must be “dead on”. Like drafting a first round, can’t miss prospect, Haslam and the Browns can ill-afford to miss on this. How can Haslam hire a coach with no NFL coaching experience? Though it seems like former Browns’ coach Butch Davis was the winning-est coach over the last 12 years for the Browns, the entire fan base will not accept another version of him.

Let’s say Haslam does hire Kelly, is that the end of Brandon Weeden? The 29 year old would stand zero chance in Kelly’s system. In fact, many of the roster would not make the cut playing for Kelly.

No matter what happens, it seems like once again the forever faithful Browns fans are in for another overhaul of their beloved team. Please Mr. Haslam, get this right for us.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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