NFL Rumors: Who Should Go After Chip Kelly?

By Andy Schmidt
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With all the openings in the National Football League, there are going to be many names that are thrown about. If there is one coach from college football that should be talked about a lot, it is Chip Kelly. Kelly should get a lot of interest from every team that has an opening and Kelly would bring a new offensively style to the NFL.

Kelly could bring a style that is similar to the old run and shoot with all the different options that Kelly has brought to the Oregon Ducks. There could be teams like the Arizona Cardinals that would work very well for Kelly. Arizona has two great wide receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd and if the team could get a good mobile quarterbacks, Kelly would be the perfect fit. There are many other places where Kelly just wouldn’t fit at all but one other place that could be a fit in the Chicago Bears.

The Bears already have a quarterback who can sling the ball in Jay Cutler and a talented wide receiver in Brandon Marshall so Kelly’s style could be an option there. There is no doubt that Kelly will get a job in the NFL this offseason in my opinion and if Chicago or Arizona wants to make a decisive move, Kelly could be a wonderful option. Kelly has something different to bring to the table and would cause opposing defenses to have to learn something new on defense in preparation. This is going to be a very interesting offseason in the NFL.

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