Washington Redskins Deserve to be NFC East Champs

By Ken Grace
Geoff Burke–US Presswire

When the season started, most analysts said the NFC East would be the most competitive division in the NFL. On paper, it was the biggest understatement of the year, but after the dust has settled, it may have been the biggest lie told this entire season.

Their division bears some of the best rivalries in the league between the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. However, with the exception of the Redskins who many expected little from anyway, these teams have not quite lived up to their billing. When it is all said and done, Washington ended up as the division champs with a 10-6 record.

Not to take anything away from what Mike Shannahan was able to do with rookie sensation Robert Griffin III and the Redskins, but this team was only meant to be competitive, not a division champion. The Giants were the defending Super Bowl champions. The Eagles were the most talented. The Cowboys were supposed to have their heads on straight. Some analysts were even predicting the NFC East would dominate the playoff picture. Needless to say that didn’t happen. In week 17, the East’s “best” teams were duking it out in a winner-take-all match up but shout out to the media for hyping up a game between two so-so teams.

Quiet as it is kept, the Redskins were the best team in the division all year. Washington finished 5-1 in the division with their only loss coming to the Giants. Washington dominated this division. The Giants may have been the champs and Dallas may even be America’s team but the best team in the NFC East was Washington.

They were also more fun to watch too. The Eagles played some really ugly football this year while the Cowboys broke a lot of hearts. Meanwhile, the Giants seemed to think they could turn it on when they needed to as they have in the past. While they did that, the Redskins kept getting better week after week. After their bye week in week 10, Washington went an impressive 7-0 to get to the playoffs; five of those games were against NFC East opponents.

The Washington Redskins will now take on the Seattle Seahawks, a team who now finds its bandwagon overloaded. However, the Redskins are just as hot as Seattle is as should not be counted out of this wild card match up. The Seahawks are explosive, but the Redskins are solid and that’s important in the playoffs. No matter what happens though, Washington’s division rivals will definitely start next season looking up at the new kings of the NFC East.

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