2013 NFL Draft: A closer look at the beginning of the draft order

By Jeremy Hayes
David Richard- US Presswire

The NFL regular season is over, which means the first twenty picks in the NFL Draft are now in order. The order shows how bad some teams were, but also teams who were expected to be favorites going into the 2012 season ended up being a bust. The top five will be very interesting to follow to see who will actually use their pick or trade down for future picks.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars
  3. Oakland Raiders
  4. Philadelphia Eagles
  5. Detroit Lions

The Chiefs are in a tough spot because if they wanted to trade this pick, it is going to be nearly impossible since there does not seem to be a decisive number one player. The safest move would be to draft offensive tackle Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M or the slim possibility of defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, but they may feel like they need a young quarterback. Expect Mike Glennon and Tyler Wilson to be two of the highest ranked quarterbacks that could be taken by the Chiefs.

Jarvis Jones or trade. Those are the two best options for the Jaguars, seeing that the outside linebacker from Georgia is probably the best prospect in the draft, it is their best option. If the Jaguars aren’t feeling it though, then trade it down. They can set themselves up for future draft picks.

The Raiders basically need to draft an entire team, but they can start with Bjoern Werner, pass-rusher from Florida State. Werner has a chance to be an effective play-maker and be the man to put pressure on every quarterback in the NFL. Even if Lotulelei from Utah is available, they should still go with Werner.

Expect the Eagles to go for an offensive tackle, whether that man is Joeckel if available, or Taylor Lewman from Michigan. Their moves all depend on what they do this off-season in free agency.

A team that could be great with just the right pick. How about a surprise pick, and instead of an offensive lineman, they take the best player in football, Manti Te’o. The Irish legend at linebacker is a huge risk, but could be the biggest hidden gem in the draft and could share time with Stephan Tulloch.

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