2013 NFL Draft: Who Should Kansas City Chiefs Take At No. 1?

By Andy Schmidt
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs struggled mightily in 2012, stumbling to a 2-14 record and with it comes the No. 1 pick in April’s National Football League draft. The Chiefs have holes all over the field with the lone exception being at running back with Jamaal Charles. I think Kansas City could go in a number of directions with quarterback very high on their list.

The biggest problem for Kansas City with looking for a quarterback is that they are one year too late to get Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III and the quarterbacks in the 2013 draft aren’t very special. If Kansas City wants to go quarterback, it is most likely they would look at players like Geno Smith or even Matt Barkley. The biggest wave in the NFL is the dual-threat quarterback and that is what Smith is. There are many linemen on both the offensive or defensive side that would likely be even better options but the game has gone to a passing-first league and Smith could really help a bad Kansas City team.

I believe that right now Smith is going to end up being the top pick for Kansas City. It could turn into a pick that they regret in the future but there just aren’t very many good free-agent quarterbacks that will be available and maybe Smith can be like RGIII in the end. It is a very risky idea but something Kansas City is going to have to do if they want to try to compete again in the AFC West. At least Smith would have Charles in the backfield with him.

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