Andy Reid Will Meet with Kansas City Chiefs Before Arizona Cardinals

By Kase Brammer
Andy Reid
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Andy Reid is not the coach of the Arizona Cardinals yet. A source told ESPN that he will meet with Kansas City Chiefs officials in Philadelphia before hopping on a plane to Arizona for an interview with the Cardinals. Reid was recently fired by the Philadelphia Eagles after holding the top coaching position since 1999. It was time for the organization to move on and I think both parties were ready for a change up.

In my opinion, Reid meeting with the Chiefs is just something to keep his options open. If the Cardinals decide to go with DC Ray Horton, Reid will have something to fall back on. The Chiefs and Reid together have a little bit of an upside, but Reid will probably enjoy more success with the Cardinals. QB Kevin Kolb knows Reid’s system and there will be less of a learning curve for the entire offense if the quarterback knows what is going on.

Another option for the Cardinals and Reid is bringing in QB Michael Vick to compete for the starting job. Vick is a lot more mobile than Kolb. The only problem I see is both Vick and Kolb are injury prone, so it would be hard to count on both players making it through the entire season. The Cardinals need to bring in a reliable backup or they will be suffering through the same problems they had this year all next year.

Reid to the Cardinals makes the most sense to me because Eagles and Cardinals are similar teams. The Eagles offense is a little better, but that is only because the Cardinals hit the injury bug hard this year. With a better system and a healthy offensive line, Arizona will be a team to fear in 2013. The Cardinals defense is a lot better than the Eagles. Reid has never really had the luxury of a defense like the one in Arizona. They are fast in the middle and secondary and big and quick in the front. In fact, if they didn’t have their defense this team could have gone 0-16.

The Cardinals aren’t done cleaning house yet. As soon as a new coach is hired, he will start giving players their notice to vacate. I say start with QB John Skelton because he holds no value to the team and the fans would love to see him go.

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