Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Finally Admits Changes Are Needed

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you use your Jedi senses, you could feel it coming. Actually you could feel it coming even if you were a normal person, because after another empty season ended for the Dallas Cowboys, you had to know owner Jerry Jones was not happy. His Cowboys have now missed the playoffs in three straight seasons and in four of the last five years. Jones has finally let it be known that enough is enough today while doing his radio appearances.

“Well, I can tell you that change is necessary at 8-8,” Jones told KRLD-FM 105.3. While that does indicate change is coming, it’s what Jones said next that really tells us how Jones is feeling about his team.

“There’s quite a challenge here, but the point that I would like our fans to know this morning is that I’m very upset, I’m very irritated. … We’ve got to have a way to play football that maximizes what Tony does best. I can assure our fans this, that it’s going to be very uncomfortable, from my standpoint, it’s going to be VERY uncomfortable for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch.”

That’s what every Cowboys fans wants to hear, even if no one has a clue what Jones is planning. I’m sure most fans are just glad he’s doing something instead of putting a positive spin on the way his team’s have performed in the past few years. The first step in making a change is recognizing that change is needed and Jones finally appears ready to do that.

Of course, the sad part for Cowboys fans is the one change we all want the most is never going to happen and he’ll remain the general manager of the team forever. Even scarier though, we have no idea what Jones is referring to when he used the words “change” and “uncomfortable.” No one has a clue what an angry, irrational Jerry Jones will do this off-season and as much as we all know the Cowboys need change, the thought of what Jones maybe thinking should frighten us all.

What Jones is saying now represents a major shift in his usually optimistic outlook on the Cowboys. It’s one thing to talk about change but it’s another to actually implement it, so only time will tell if Jones is truly serious about making major changes this off-season.

Until then, Cowboys fans will just have to take a wait and see approach.

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