Improving Offense a Must for St. Louis Rams in Offseason

By Anthony Blake
Brian Schottenheimer, Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams
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In a league that has now trended toward an offense-first mentality, the St. Louis Rams are a bit behind the curve. The Rams must focus on getting their offense to score more points in 2013 and that will make them even more competitive with an already formidable defense in place. There are plenty of reasons to expect such a transformation next season and here are just a few possible explanations for why the Rams can score more points in 2013.

Perhaps the first and most logical one is the fact that only a few teams scored less than the Rams did in 2012. The Rams were just one of six NFL teams to score less than 300 points throughout the entire season. Some of those scores were produced on the defensive side of the ball as well which only further highlights their struggles offensively.

2013 promises to be better in that regard because this will be the first offseason in quarterback Sam Bradford’s career that he will not have to learn a new offensive system. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is set to return and that continuity should breed some real confidence in a quarterback heading into his fourth NFL season. The lack of an offensive identity for Bradford during his first three years in the league has been difficult to watch, but that appears to be finally coming to an end.

Obviously health will be key for the Rams if they want to improve on offense next year as well. The team had a revolving door at nearly every spot along the offensive line this year and their top offensive weapon, wide receiver Danny Amendola, also missed a number of games due to injury for the second straight year. Keeping everyone on the field and allowing them to grow together as a unit will be critical to the team’s continued development and putting points up on the board in 2013.

Overall there is plenty of reason for optimism that the Rams will see an influx of offensive production during next season. Bradford will be more comfortable and confident in his second season running Schottenheimer’s offense and the league’s youngest team will have yet another year’s worth of experience under their belt as well. Expect to see the Rams lighting up the scoreboard much more frequently next season and that will lead to even more victories as a result.

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