Looking Ahead To New York Giants 2013 Schedule

By Andrew Lecointe
Andrew Mills/The Star-Ledger — US Presswire

Now that we have the final standings for the 2012 regular season, we now know the teams the New York Giants will play next season. The schedule will not be as difficult as it was this season. Clearly the Giants couldn’t overcome the toughest schedule in the NFL. However, they still finished above .500, something they should take a little pride in.

The NFC East will play the AFC West and the NFC North next year. This means QB Eli Manning will meet his brother QB Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium. This will be the third meeting between the brothers, and the first since the elder brother joined the Broncos.

In addition to playing the Broncos at home, the Giants will also face the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. They will also play the Seattle Seahawks at home since both teams finished second in their division. On the road, the Giants will play the San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. They will travel to Carolina to play the Carolina Panthers since the Panthers also finished second in their division.

It is difficult to project what the season will turn out to be since teams change from year to year. However, it is clear that this schedule definitely isn’t as difficult as the 2012 schedule. The official schedule for 2013 will not be released probably until after the NFL Draft, so the Giants and the rest of the NFL will get a better feel for their schedule then.

It remains to be seen what the Giants will look like next season. With the way the Giants floundered down the stretch, it is safe to say general manager Jerry Reese will be making roster changes. The Giants aren’t in wholesale changes mode as DE Osi Umenyiora suggested, but it is clear the Giants need to get a little better.

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