NFL Rumors: Adrian Peterson Wants to Try His Hand on Special Teams

By Kris Hughes
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports


Minnesota Vikings all-pro running back Adrian Peterson just finished one of the best single-seasons for a running back in NFL history, falling only nine yards short of breaking the all time record set by Eric Dickerson in 1984– but he appears to believe he could do even more for his team.

According to some buzz around the web, Peterson has noted that he would be interested in being a part of the kick block teams or even as a kick returner if his presence could help the team as they enter their Wild Card playoff game this weekend against the Green Bay Packers. Peterson had the following to say in an ESPN interview on the subject:

For the past two years, I’ve been trying to get in on field goal block. Come in off the edge, you know? It’s just going to take one block for them to really be like, ‘OK, you know what? Let’s take the chance and let you go out there and get it done. Kickoff return, I wouldn’t mind getting back there. I’m in it to win.

It’s this type of team-first attitude that has endeared Peterson not only to his teammates, but to the Vikings’ fans who have been waiting for some time for post-season success. It’s very rare that we see a player of Peterson’s stature appear anywhere else in a game-plan apart from their normal position– especially given the impact Peterson has from that position and his still tenuous health coming off of post-season ACL surgery and a recent history of injuries.

If Adrian Peterson is willing to do a little more for his team, however, why should Leslie Frazier stop him? After all, his career is on the backside, and the opportunities he and the Vikings have to ride the wave of post-season success together may be lessening as time passes.

It would be a calculated risk, no doubt, but one that could pay off in great dividends.

After all, without risk there’s no reward, especially when you’re trying to gain an edge against a perennial rival in hostile territory as the Vikings will be at Lambeau Field on Saturday.

Maybe Adrian Peterson will touch the ball away from the backfield– stranger things have certainly happened before when the season’s on the line.

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