NFL Rumors: Chris Canty to be a Cap Casualty?

By Christopher Gamble
Alan Maglaque-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Canty and the New York Giants have had a very good relationship since he signed with the Giants in 2009. However, this past year, Canty was hobbled knee injuries and wasn’t very effective, at least not to past standards, when he did play. His recent performance coupled with the fact he is due to be an $8.2 million cap hit and the Giants and Canty might soon be parting ways.

The Giants run defense this year was terrible, ranking 25th in the NFL with 129.1 yards allowed per game. Canty isn’t to blame for that but he was only able to play in nine games this year and he will turn 31 next season which isn’t ancient by any means but he isn’t a spring chicken.

The Giants will need cap space and Canty’s name will be on the block. Whether the Giants cut him or not is another story. However, at this point in his career he isn’t worth $8.2 million and the Giants could use that money to get younger along the defensive line and in the secondary.

The Giants defense was exposed this past season due to injury and lack of depth, especially in the secondary and the Giants will need to add depth there. The Giants also need to add depth on the defensive line. The money they can save from Canty’s contract would go a long way towards addressing these issues.

Replacing Canty won’t be easy. However, there are some free agents out there that could come cheaper than Canty. For example, Glenn Dorsey is going to be a free agent and he is coming off two sub-par years in a system that didn’t suit him with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Giants were also impressed with rookie Markus Kuhn’s progress and the defensive line took a hit when he left after suffering an ACL injury.

The Giants will need to add depth and youth on the defensive line and unfortunately that might mean Canty is the odd-man out.

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