Packers Deny Their Assistants Interviews For Other Jobs

By Kevin Van Pelt
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The Green Bay Packers are not allowing their assistants to have permission to interview for any other jobs in the league, sources have said. There are six assistants the Packers have informed that they are not allowed to talk about other jobs while they are still under contract.

According the NFL rulebook, a team can deny their assistants from inquiring about another job; however, they cannot stop someone from interviewing for a head coaching position and must allow teams to have access. This comes into play since offensive coordinator Tom Clements is rumored to be one of the candidates to be the next head coach of the Chicago Bears.

Since the Packers are playing in the wild-card round this weekend, Clements can’t be interviewed, if the Packers had a bye in the playoffs he would however be available for the interview. Also, if the Packers win this Sunday, Clements will be allowed to interview for the open job. However, head coach Mike McCarthy has no obligations to let Clements interview until after the Packers are eliminated from the playoffs. Got all of that.

The Bears will be interviewing about a dozen coaches for their next head coaching position so it looks like they won’t make a decision in the near future which makes Clements immediate availability to be interviewed less urgent.

This is not the first time the Packers have denied their assistants an opportunity to get interviewed by other teams. In fact, the Bears were interested a few years back in Clements to become their offensive coordinator, but McCarthy denied them access and has since promoted Clements to offensive coordinator this season.

The Packer assistants who have been getting looked at by other teams for the past few years include: Edgar Bennett, James Campen, Ben McAdoo, Darren Perry and Joe Whitt. McCarthy has denied them access for interviews on multiple occasions which may not sit well with this coaching staff. However, McCarthy doesn’t want to discuss the issue and so far there has not been any turmoil from the denied access.

With the exception of possibly Clements, expect the Packers coaching staff to look nearly identical as it did in 2012.


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