Ray Lewis Is First-Ballot Hall Of Famer

By Andy Schmidt
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There have been few players over the past ten players that could be looked at as a first-ballot Hall of Famer when they retire. One of those players is retiring at the end of this season is the Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Lewis. Lewis should make plans to be in Canton in August 2018 right now.

This is about as big of a slam dunk as ever and I’m sure the Ravens will retire Lewis’ number 52 after this season is over. Lewis has been one of the most dominating linebackers in the National Football League during his long career and brought an energy level that no one can match in the NFL. I really hope for Lewis that the Ravens win their wild card game this weekend against the Indianapolis Colts so he doesn’t have to end his career on a very low note at home. The Hall of Fame is waiting patiently for the arrival of Lewis five years after his retirement meaning a 2018 induction is going to happen.

When you think inside linebacker, you think of two names right away in Dick Butkus and Lewis. It is those two and then everyone else that is just how great Lewis has been. It is going to be a different world in Baltimore next season with Lewis gone. It is a sad day for fans in Baltimore and around the NFL but trust me, we haven’t seen the last of Lewis. The bidding war begins now with the television networks to get Lewis on their networks starting next season. Lewis will have that and then the certain Hall of Fame ceremony five years from now.

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