Ron Wolf to Aid San Diego Chargers in General Manager Search

By Anthony Blake
San Diego Chargers - Dean Spanos
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The San Diego Chargers have made it quite clear already that they intend to hire a general manager before proceeding with their search for a new head coach. This makes chronological sense for an organization that has had real communication breakdowns in the past between those two positions. The Bolts aren’t wasting any time getting candidates lined up for the GM opening and here are some of the latest developments from the search.

As a great first step, the organization hired former Green Bay Packers’ GM Ron Wolf as a consultant through the process. This is a tremendous move by Dean Spanos getting a former Super Bowl winning executive to aid the franchise in making this important decision. Wolf has been around the NFL since 1963 and knows all of the ins and outs like the back of his hand.

With Wolf in their camp, the Bolts have already compiled a rough list of candidates that they feel are capable of handling these duties in the near future. One possible name on that list was denied permission to meet with the team in Denver Broncos director of player personnel Matt Russell. John Elway refused to grant the team the opportunity to discuss their opening with Russell which is just a classless move by the division rival. Clearly Elway is having a bit of a power trip with his team positioned well in the postseason at the moment, but this type of behavior will only deter top notch talent from working with the Broncos in the future.

As for the other possibilities that the Chargers have in mind, Tom Telesco, vice president of football operations with the Indianapolis Colts, and Steve Keim, vice president of player personnel for the Arizona Cardinals are both on their short list at the moment. Both have been interviewed for openings in the past and are seen as top flight executives throughout the league.

For now, fans should be patient as a sound decision will take time. The last thing the Bolts need to do is rush into a bad hire and regret it. The in-season portion of the scouting process is already in the books and once the pre-draft workouts begin, that is time to get serious. That won’t get into full swing until the NFL Scouting Combine and the Chargers have nearly two months between now and the time that takes place. Look for Ron Wolf’s presence to make this process go much more smoothly and really help the Chargers as they attempt to rediscover the glory of the past decade.

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